2CC Dual-Action Airbrush Gun


The BeautyHD 2CC Double-Action Gravity Feed Airbrush Gun is the most popular airbrush tool that is perfect for makeup application on small areas like the face. It has a beautiful chrome-plated body, solvent-resistant seals, rust-free needle, and easy-to-pull trigger. It is also very easy to clean and dismantle.

The double-action lever allows you to control of both the flow of air and the product — perfect in creating your avant-garde makeup looks!


Product Specifications:
Nozzle Diameter: 0.35-0.40mm
Length: 140mm
Type: Double-Action, Push-Button
Pressure: 15-50PSI
Capacity: 2ml
Compatibility: Water-Based & Silicone-Based*
*We highly recommend the use of our Nurturing Force Airbrush Cleaner and our 5-piece Cleaning Brush Set if you intend to use this airbrush gun for Silicone-Based products.

One (1) Liquid Dropper
One (1) Nozzle Wrench
One (1) Air Hose Adapter

Airbrush Gun Maintenance:
1. Spray out remaining product.
2. Dissolve or loosen product residue by using water or your choice of cleaner.
3. Remove the needle caps and rub the end of the needle with a clean/wet cotton swab.

Airbrush guns are very sensitive. Thus, users are expected to clean them and handle them with extreme care at all times. We will not replace airbrush guns that have become defective due to a user’s negligence or carelessness. Only unused airbrush guns that are already damaged upon receipt will be replaced. Please make sure to read about our 90-Day Warranty before purchasing this item.


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