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Airbrush Gun Glass Cleaning Pot


Cleaning your airbrush gun can be quicker, easier and hassle-free! Just use this Airbrush Gun Cleaning Pot to flush out all the excess makeup from your airbrush gun without making a mess!

This multi-functional product may also be used as stand for your airbrush gun.

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Product Specifications:
Dimensions: 4in x 4in x 4in
Material: Glass Jar with Plastic Lid
Capacity: 24oz
Weight: 0.5kg

One (1) Glass Jar (24oz capacity)
One (1) Stainless Steel Pot Stabilizer
One (1) Stainless Steel Airbrush Gun Holder
One (1) Black Plastic Lid
Three (3) Filters
One (1) Carton Box (Packaging)

How to Use:
1. Attach the Pot Stabilizer and the Airbrush Gun Holder to the cleaning pot.
2. Fill the jar with 1/4 water and close the lid.
3. Put water in the cup of the airbrush gun and place the gun on the Airbrush Gun Holder.
4. Turn the compressor on and spray until the water coming out of the airbrush gun turns clear.
5. Throw away and replace the water inside the jar if needed.

How to Clean:
Clean the jar with soap and water after use then air-dry.


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